What Brings You to Key West?

One of the few great adventures in the United States is the 150-mile drive from key to key over the ocean to Key West. Key West is the last in a chain of islands known as the Florida Keys, originating in South Miami.

Once one of the largest seaports in Florida, the island is noted for its history. Key West is a little 2 by 4 mile island bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and the other by the Gulf of Mexico. Truly a tropical setting with a mild stable climate, Key West is often referred to as “America’s Caribbean”. Known for its Caribbean style and ambiance but American familiarity and friendliness, Key West is visited by travelers from all over the world. Just 90 miles from Cuba, the sport and flats fishing, reef and wreck diving, yachting and the many famous annual events such as “Fantasy Fest” and international boat racing attract many.

The area is adequately served with inbound and outbound flights originating from all major Florida cities. It is reported that hotel occupancies and daily rates are the highest in the State and some of the highest in the nation.

Yet, with millions of tourists, renowned restaurants, every conceivable activity available, Key West is a small quaint town with just about 30,000 permanent residents. It has a neighborly and friendly closeness. People here are happy and truly enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. It’s interesting to note that many of the residents own second homes in Key West and spend just as much or as little time there as desired.

USA Today reports that out of 330 cities analyzed in America, Key West has the highest property value of all but 10 cities of which 7 are in California. These values put Key West in the top 3% of the nation, highest south of Connecticut, east of California, and higher than Chicago and New York City. It is believed property values will continue to escalate better than average in Key West given that new development on the island is coming to an end.